3 Reasons to Work with Scrap Metal Services, LLC

March 27, 2018  

All business in the manufacturing industry require a trusted scrap recycler; indeed, the majority of manufacturing businesses will be left with scrap metal that they cannot use, nor recycle on site on their own. But more than just knowing that a scrap recycler is needed, businesses are tasked with finding a reliable scrap company that can recycle scrap, decommission railcars, and dismantle ships and vessels. At Scrap Metal Services, LLC (SMS), we can do all of the above and more. Here are three reasons to work with our team if you are in need of scrap recycling services:

1. More Than a Decade of Experience and Success

The first, and one of the most pressing, reasons to work with our team is the fact that we have more than a decade of experience providing superior scrap processing services worldwide. We have established our company as a leader in the industry, and have build a reputation of success and excellence amongst our customers. Our business history shows that we know what we’re doing, are trusted, and operate within all regulations.

2. Complete Management of All Logistics

When you are looking for a scrap recycler to handle your business’ needs, you don’t want to have to worry about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in time and transportation to figure out scrap management and recycling logistics. Instead, you want to be able to hire a company who can handle all logistics for you. From providing containers for scrap storage to arranging transportation (we even have our own fleet of water vessels and rail) to offer onsite deconstruction and dismantling services and more, we handle all elements of scrap recycling, and pay you top dollar for your scrap to boot.

3. Responsible Scrap Recycling that Prioritizes the Earth and Human Health

Finally, when you choose a scrap recycler, you want to be able to work with a company that is in compliance with all state and federal regulations for scrap management and recycling, and actually cares about the earth and human and worker health and safety. When you work with our team, you’ll find nothing short of excellence when it comes to putting our workers first and making sustainability a top priority. We’re a company you can feel good about partnering with.

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