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Safety is Our Top Priority

At Scrap Metal Services, we take safety very seriously. Safety is our company’s top core value, reflecting our belief that safety always is, and always will be, our top priority. Maintaining the safety of our employees and customers is the most important thing we do each day.

We operate all of our facilities with strict protocols designed to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. The guidelines below provide general safety requirements to follow when visiting any of our locations. For more specific information, please contact the site you plan to visit directly.

Guidelines for Scrap Yard Safety

Safety first when on the premises of a reliable scrapyard in Chicagoland.

Due to the large equipment and high volume of activity, the operations in a scrap yard involve risks of bodily injury or property damage. By entering one of our locations, you are agreeing to assume any and all risks you may encounter. We are not responsible for injury or damage to your vehicle while on our premises. If you observe a condition at one of our locations which you believe is dangerous, please alert management immediately.


When visiting our metals recycling facilities, please remember the following safety policies:

  • Children under 18 should remain in vehicles at all times.
  • No smoking
  • Heavy equipment is in use; stay in customer areas at all times
  • Always leave at least 10 feet between vehicles
  • Follow posted speed limits
  • All occupants need to be out of vehicles that are being unloaded by machinery
  • Wear closed-toe shoes
  • Wear gloves when handling scrap metal
  • Do not walk under a suspended load, conveyor belt, or crane arm
  • Cross all railroad tracks at designated crosswalks
  • Always keep a safe distance away from operating machinery and mobile equipment
  • In areas where personal protective equipment (PPE) is required, cell phone use is strictly prohibited.
  • Watch your step in all work areas. Uneven areas may become slick due to oil or weather conditions.
  • Report all injuries or incidents, no matter how minor, to an SMS representative.

Filming and/or photography are strictly prohibited without prior consent.

Contact Us to Learn More

Each of our scrap yards and facilities is unique, and specific safety requirements can vary. For detailed information on what to expect when visiting, and which services are offered in each location, contact our offices today.

Our goal is to help individuals and businesses improve the environment through safe, efficient scrap metal recycling. To learn how options like our on-site scrap management can help your business maintain a cleaner, safer workspace, talk to a Scrap Metal Services representative today.

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