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Ferrous vs. Nonferrous Metals

June 15, 2021, 14:15

Whether your company produces scrap metal and you have questions about metal separation and pricing, or if you’re in the market to buy or sell metals, it’s important to understand the basic differences between ferrous and nonferrous materials. At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we not only process both types of metals, but can answer all … Continue reading "Ferrous vs.…

What Happens to Scrap Metal After It’s Recycled? 

April 06, 2021, 6:17

Most people know that recycling is really important. Recycling saves water and energy, prevents materials from being disposed of into the landfill, and keeps materials in circulation so that they can be used again. Recycling also helps to create and sustain local jobs.  But while you may know that recycling is important, you may be … Continue reading "What Happens…

How Companies that Buy Scrap Metal Are Improving the Environment

March 02, 2021, 6:40

In 2021, environmental ills are a serious threat. Not only are greenhouse gases contributing to climate change–which could have devastating effects for the planet as a whole and everyone on it–but countries are also struggling with finding a solution to reduce the use of non-renewable resources, polluted air and water, a loss of biodiversity, and … Continue reading "How Companies…

What to Expect from Scrap Metal Prices in 2021

February 02, 2021, 6:33

For businesses that rely on metal for production and manufacturing, as well as those who sell scrap metal or process scrap metal, metal prices can have a big impact on the business’s bottom line. While it’s impossible to say for sure what 2021 will hold in terms of scrap metal prices, here’s a quick overview … Continue reading "What to…

3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

April 09, 2019, 3:08

Most home and business owners throughout the country are unaware of the vast number of things that can be recycled, choosing to throw away old and unusable items rather than bring them to a recycling center. Unfortunately, this leads to unnecessary waste that could be prevented. Statistics show that Americans throw away enough aluminum every … Continue reading "3 Things…

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