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Scrap Metal Services is your key resource for ferrous and non-ferrous recycled materials. We typically have copper, steel and stainless steel, brass, cast iron, aluminum and iron scrap available for purchase. Market demand drives our process and knowledge, expertise and years of experience back up our avenue for you to buy scrap metal.

Quality Found When You Buy Scrap Metal

We maintain rules and regulations as outlined by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, so you will receive materials at a level that you expect. We bring together safety and stewardship along with competitive pricing, valued materials, and the needed logistics to move tons of ferrous scrap annually and millions of pounds of non-ferrous.

Bringing The Right Materials To You To Buy Scrap Metal

While what you buy is the end-process, we take careful steps along the way to get there. Our industrial onsite scrap service follows a tight path to ensure the scrap metal you buy is exactly what you need and are looking for. Our scales provide accurate weighing due to being accredited and we take time during all processing. Inspection focuses on safety to workers and the environment. We test for radiation as well as radioactive materials in any scrap metal, so you buy scrap metal that is safe.

Buying Scrap Metal Helps Keep Recycling Cycling

The recycling symbol says it all: keep the flow going. The arrows were first seen back in 1970 on the inaugural Earth Day. Now, the symbol has stood the test of time and is easily recognizable as a way to make the world greener. Sustainability is so important to our world and the Earth.

At Scrap Metal Services, sustainability is not just a buzzword or trend but is at the core of what we do and offer to our clients and customers. We are continually at the forefront of pushing scrap metal recycling to higher levels year after year. Due to our practices, background, a team of experts, safety standards and varied offerings, we continue to be a leader in our industry around the world today and we will continue to be at the top going forward in the future.

Your Source For Scrap Metal

You want to buy scrap metal from a trusted source and Scrap Metal Services is the resource you need and expect. We have offices and scrap processing facilities in locations across the United States. With our clients in mind, we have a Customer Access System to assist you around the clock. For additional information on how to buy scrap metal, contact our main offices at (708) 730-1400 or connect with us online.

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