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Indiana Steel Mill Services

Indiana Steel Mill Services

While the sustainability of new materials is constantly being considered, and the manufacturing industry is exploring the use of different materials, including many synthetic materials, the importance of steel is a constant. Indeed, nearly all businesses within the manufacturing industry rely on steel for product production, including industries such as shipping and rail, automotive production, electronics and appliances, mechanical equipment, and building and infrastructure.

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we continue to be one of the global leaders in scrap management and steel production. Our Indiana steel mill is a display of best practices focused on efficient and sustainable steel production, worker safety, and providing our partners with the specific services they’re looking for.

A Comprehensive List of Steel Mill Services in Indiana

Our Indiana steel mill has the capacity to handle all of the basic functions of the most advanced of steel mills. Indeed, our Indiana steel mill services include, but are not limited to:

  • Scrap yard management;
  • Transportation and logistics;
  • Finished and semi-finished product services;
  • Melt shop services; and
  • Slag processing.

Of course, we also have the integrated functions for steel production, which is a major focal point of our Indiana steel mill. These functions include:

  • Product rolling;
  • Casting;
  • Conversion of pig iron to liquid steel;
  • Conversion of ore to liquid iron (iron making); and
  • Block size reduction.

Our comprehensive services leave no area of the steel production process unturned or unaccounted for; we are responsible for the entire process from start to finish, leaving our partners free to trust us.

About Our Indiana Steel Mill Company

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we are more than just a steel mill. In fact, we provide services that go hand-in-hand with our steel mill work, including demolition services, container recycling, processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, railcar dismantling and ship and vessel decommissioning and recycling, shredding, and of course, all transportation and logistics – we even have our own fleet of vehicles.

More than this, our steel mills operate with the best industrial practices. These practices focus on:

It is our commitment to excellence that has allowed our company to grow from a small company headquartered in Illinois to a global leader in the industry. Our highly efficient and cost-effective scrap management and steel mill services continue to impress our industrial partners, and garner recognition on a national and international scale.

Our number one priority at our steel mills is safety. In addition to that, we care about integrity, and always put our partners first. We strive to always meet the provisions of our customer agreements and deadlines. When you work with us, you can take comfort in the fact that you’ve chosen a partner who cares.

Contact Our Indiana Steel Mill Today

To learn more about Scrap Metal Services, LLC, our steel mills, and our steel mill services in Indiana, please reach out to us today. You can get in touch with our Indiana steel mill location by calling us at 219-787-1341, or by sending us a message using the intake form found on our website. We will return your request for more information as soon as possible.

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