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Metal Recovery in Chicago

Metal Recovery in Chicago

Chicago may be a big city that’s bursting with flavor, culture, and everything from big parks to tall skyscrapers, but it’s also a place of business and industry. To be sure, there are many businesses in Chicago and surrounding areas that deal with scrap metal on a daily basis, usually as a byproduct of manufacturing. At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we not only specialize in scrap metal recycling, but also metal recovery in Chicago. To learn more, please contact our team today for information about our metal recovery services and how we can be a valuable partner for your business. 

What Is Metal Recovery?

Metal recovery is precisely what it sounds like: the process of recovering metals–both ferrous and nonferrous–from different materials, equipment, appliances, and machines. Once the metal is recovered and separated from other materials, it can then be recycled. This not only cuts back on the need for new metal to be mined but it also significantly conserves resources and keeps recyclable materials out of the landfill. 

Items that We Recycle and Recover Metal From

One thing that you’ll love about working with our team is that we pride ourselves on being able to recover metal from just about any metal-containing object/material out there. Indeed, we’ll take automobiles, old equipment, farm equipment, machinery, and other forms of scrap metal. What’s more, we’ll also provide dismantling, decommissioning, deconstruction, and demolition services for our industrial partners, recovering all sources of ferrous and nonferrous metals from these projects as well. If you have a question about whether or not we can recycle a metal-containing product on your property, please reach out to us directly. 

Our Chicago Metal Recovery Methods

Another thing that you’ll find enjoyable about working with us is that we never require you to separate metals before bringing them into our location. In fact, we handle all metal recovery in Chicago separation for you. The methods that we use to recover and separate materials include:

  • Magnetic separation technology, which can be used to separate ferrous and nonferrous materials;
  • Wet milling;
  • Crushing;
  • Screening; and 
  • Feeding.

Our machines are up-to-date and feature state-of-the-art technology, and all of our technicians are highly trained and always utilize best practices. We recover the maximum amount of metal possible, and we pay you top dollar for it! 

Learn More About Our Chicago Metal Recovery Services

We are one of the best companies for metal recovery in Chicago because we are efficient and effective at our work while also prioritizing things like sustainability and worker safety. What’s more, we have quickly risen to an industry leader since our founding, and continue to set industry standards today. With years of experience and a commitment to the customer experience, Scrap Metal Services, LLC is a company you can feel good about working with. 

Contact Scrap Metal Services, LLC Today

To learn more about our services, including metal recovery in Chicago, please reach out to our team today. We are passionate about what we do and are always looking for new industrial partners. You can learn more about our services and our company by sending us a message or calling our location directly.

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