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Metal Recovery in Malcolm

Metal Recovery in Malcolm

At Scrap Metal Services, we offer metal recovery in Malcolm that turns old appliances, vehicles and other objects into metal that can be reused. Our metal recycling services are done with the environment in mind: we take great care to adhere to EPA regulations in all that we do. Metal recovery is no different. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team knows how to do the job efficiently and safely. Find out how metal recovery can benefit your business by calling Scrap Metal Services today!

Benefits of Metal Recovery in Malcolm

You may wonder what the purpose of metal recovery is. Like any other form of recycling, it conserves energy by reusing materials instead of creating new ones. Metal recovery is a crucial part of keeping valuable metals out of landfills. No matter what form it’s in, metals can be reused over and over again, which is an excellent way to reduce waste and avoid mining for new materials. We believe there’s no reason not to take advantage of metal’s versatility! Metal is a precious material that’s widely used in so many ways. Instead of tossing these perfectly fine metals, the materials are reused and given a second life, which contributes to a healthier planet.  

The metal recovery services at Scrap Metal Services are a particularly excellent choice. By choosing our business, you’re supporting a cleaner environment and safe work practices.  

How We Recycle Metals

While metal can be recycled indefinitely, there are steps that need to happen before the materials can be reused. For instance, cars are made of ferrous and nonferrous metals that we separate during processing. Our team members are experts at identifying these metals in the many forms they take. Then, we recover the metal through processes like shredding, magnetic separation and wet milling. We recycle all of the metals we recover, whether they are ferrous or nonferrous. 

Scrap Metal Services recycles all kinds of scrap metal, including that which comes from:

If your business has questions about what we can and cannot recycle, please call us and we’ll provide you with more information. 

We Handle Projects of All Sizes

Our Malcolm metal recovery team has confidently tackled projects of all sizes. We’ve recovered metal from a variety of sources, from cars to ships and oil rigs. You might think a project is too large for us, but you’d be mistaken: we aren’t intimidated by a tough job! Scrap Metal Services has done large-scale recycling and dismantling projects for the U.S. Maritime Administration, oil drilling companies and more. No matter what project we’re working on, we take care to adhere to safety measures to prevent accidents.  

Get In Touch Today!

Scrap Metal Services is your resource for metal recovery in Malcolm. Rely on our experienced team for efficient metal recovery services that incorporate safety and sustainability. Contact us today by using our online form or by giving us a call! 

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