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Metal Recovery Services

Metal Recovery Services

Responsible Scrap Metal Recovery and Recycling Is Instrumental to Reducing Metal Mining and Preserving the Wellbeing of the Planet

The materials that enter our waste streams aren’t always comprised of waste and waste alone; instead, there are often valuable and renewable materials within these streams, including metal. The implementation of a comprehensive metal recovery process is critical to sustainability, reduction in raw materials, and responsible waste recycling.

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we are a leader in the metal recovery and scrap processing industry. Working with our industrial partners for more than a decade, we have the experience and reputation you can trust.

Recovering More Metal Through Advanced Technologies and Comprehensive Practices

Our ability to recover more metals for responsible recycling is based on our use of the most advanced metal recovery technologies and the implementation of comprehensive practices. We rely on:

  • Wet mill processing;
  • Intensive screening;
  • Thorough crushing; and
  • Magnetic separation.

Through the above, we are able to recover more scrap metal than would be possible otherwise. This in turn not only allows us to reduce the amount of necessary new metals and the energy that goes into new metal production but also to maximize profits for our industrial partners.

Recovering Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials

We specialize in the recovery of both ferrous (iron and steel) and non-ferrous materials (copper and aluminum). Without our metal recovery process, tens of thousands of tons of these materials would end up in the landfill, where they would be completely wasted and unusable for the rest of time. Our services complement local recycling programs and help communities and businesses be greener!

A Trusted Leader in the Industry

Metal recovery is critical for the good of the earth. But more than just turning to our company because you believe in recycling, we hope you will turn to us because we are a trusted leader in the scrap recovery and recycling industry. Some elements that set our company apart include:

  • Broad range of services. We don’t just recycle scrap; we don’t just recover metals. Instead, we provide a broad range of services for our industrial partners, including ferrous and non-ferrous processing, demolition services, dismantling services, industrial management services, and more. This means that we are a partner to whom you can turn time and time again for your industrial needs.
  • Working globally. Our headquarters are in Burnham, IL, but we provide international services. Whether you’re in Michigan or Texas, Ohio, we can serve you.
  • Strong reputation for excellence. There’s a reason that we have grown to a worldwide leader in scrap services in just 13 years; we’re great at what we do. We maintain a strong reputation for excellence.

Learn More About Metal Recovery from Scrap Metal Services, LLC Today

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we are doing our part to promote a greener planet and wise environmental practices. We hope that you will join us in our efforts! To learn more about our metal recovery process, please call us today at 708-730-1400 or send us a message directly.

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