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Non-Ferrous Processing Near Rolling Meadows

Non-Ferrous Processing Near Rolling Meadows

While our company is an expert in ferrous metal recovery and processing, we have grown and been able to expand into the non-ferrous processing market, too Today, we are proud to say that we are able to process a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, doing our part to meet environmental aims and contribute to overall sustainability objectives. For services for non-ferrous processing near Rolling Meadows, call Scrap Metal Services, LLC today.

What Are Non-Ferrous Metals?

Ferrous metals are often more highly valued than are non-ferrous metal, as the latter does not contain any appreciable amount of iron. That being said; however, many non-ferrous metals are important for industry and other applications today. Common non-ferrous metals include aluminum, brass, copper, lead, nickel, titanium, zinc, and other alloys. These metals are used in a variety of industries and recycling them has many advantages.

Advantages of Recycling Non-Ferrous Metals

When non-ferrous metals are recycled, materials are kept out of the landfill, the local economy is supported and jobs are created or maintained, and the need for new metal mining is reduced – this means that resources and energy are conserved. We pride ourselves on our commitment to maximal metal recovery and recycling.

Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Services Offered by Scrap Metal Services, LLC

We offer comprehensive and convenient non-ferrous metal processing services for businesses and individuals throughout Rolling Meadows and the surrounding areas. Our services include:

  • Demolition and metal recovery services
  • Deconstruction and metal recovery services
  • Railcar dismantling and ship and vessel recycling services
  • On-site scrap container services
  • Industrial management services
  • More

We also run one of the most sophisticated and advanced non-ferrous metal processing operations in the state. Our non-ferrous metal processing capabilities include the use of our high-capacity, non-ferrous baler, sheet iron shredding, metal recovery and separation, use of heavy media plant to process scrap, aluminum breakage, and more.

Why Work with Scrap Metal Services, LLC

If you are looking for a trusted non-ferrous scrap metal processor near Rolling Meadows, our team is available to answer your questions now. Top reasons to work with us include:

  • We pay you for your scrap. When you bring in scrap to our location, we will pay you based on fair market value for that scrap, and can make payments in cash. This is an easy way to earn more.
  • We can handle the logistics. If you have large amounts of scrap that need to be transported or have scrap in the form of equipment or machinery that needs to be deconstructed, we can help.
  • We are a global leader in scrap recycling. Founded in 2005, our company has quickly grown to a global leader in the scrap recycling industry as a result of our superb practices, commitment to our customers, and superior management skills.

Call Us Today for Non-Ferrous Processing Near Rolling Meadows

If you have non-ferrous materials on your property that should be recycled, call our team at Scrap Metal Services, LLC directly today for non-ferrous processing near Rolling Meadows. With a reputation for excellence and the track record you can trust, our team is who you need for all of your metal recycling services. Reach us today by phone or online to ask a question and learn more.

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