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Onsite Scrap Management to Steel Mills or Mini Mills in Indiana

Onsite Scrap Management to Steel Mills or Mini Mills in Indiana

Product manufacturing not only results in the production of the intended product, but also in waste and scrap as well. Scrap differs from waste in that due to its composition, which includes metals like iron and steel, scrap is valuable and useful. Therefore, businesses in industries that produce scrap that do not have an effective scrap management program in place may be losing out on a huge economic opportunity. Further, failing to recycle scrap not only results in economic losses, but is far from principles of environmental responsibility as well.

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we have been partnering with businesses in Indiana and throughout the world to implement successful onsite scrap management services and transport of scrap to steel mills or mini mills.

A Comprehensive Scrap Management Process Designed to Maximize Value

We offer a comprehensive scrap management process that is designed to maximize the value of your scrap while saving you time, energy, and stress. Our experienced team will analyze your scrap product and processing needs, implement a strategy that is customized to those needs, and manage the solution once implemented in order to best serve you. Some of the many steps in this process include:

  • Weighing your scrap using a certified scale. We can do this onsite so that you know exactly what your scrap is estimated at.
  • Inspecting scrap and testing it for any hazardous materials. This is done to preserve human health and reduce environmental implications.
  • Breaking down and crushing scrap in order to prepare it to be transported. Depending upon the circumstances, we can also provide scrap storage solutions.
  • Transporting scrap on your behalf. We always handle 100 percent of the transportation process so that you can focus on other things that are integral to your business’ operations. We have our own fleet of vehicles so that we can streamline the transportation process.
  • Processing scrap once transportation is complete. Once your scrap has been transported to our Indiana mini mill, we prepare it for processing. Sheering, shredding, balling, and more are all part of our scrap processing process.
  • Melting and slag processing. Our two final stages in the scrap management and processing phase are melting and slag processing. Melt shop services include ladle maintenance and cleaning services, and our slag processing services include slag pot carrying, under furnace digging, metal recovery, and drop balling.

While our mini mill is located in Burns Harbor, Indiana, we provide onsite scrap management services and transfer to our steel mill for processing for businesses throughout the state. We are happy to travel to your location and handle all logistics on your behalf.

Contact Scrap Metal Services, LLC Today

To learn more about onsite scrap management to steel mill services or general scrap recycling in Indiana, contact Scrap Metal Services, LLC today. We provide the comprehensive metal recycling services that your business can depend upon, and have more than a decade of experience. You can reach our Burns Harbor, IN location today by phone at 219-787-1341, or by sending us an email using the form on our Burns Harbor contact page. You can also visit us in person at your convenience. We look forward to working with you.

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