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Onsite Scrap Management to Steel Mills or Mini Mills in TX

Onsite Scrap Management to Steel Mills or Mini Mills in TX

For businesses that manufacture automobiles, agricultural equipment, and other large equipment and appliances, determining what will be done with remaining scrap can pose a serious dilemma. Indeed, scrap management can be a complicated endeavor with a number of logistical complexities, as well as an expensive one when not pursued in an efficient manner.

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we provide comprehensive onsite scrap management services to steel mills or mini mills throughout the state of Texas. While our steel mill is located in Baytown, we can set up onsite scrap managements services, and handle transportation of scrap metal, from anywhere in the state.

Onsite Scrap Management – Industries We Serve

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we are proud to be one of the top scrap recyclers not just in the country, but worldwide. We are also proud of our broad customer base and long list of clients. Indeed, we serve a variety of industries, and can provide onsite scrap management services for business with interests in:

  • Industrial scrap;
  • The auto manufacturing industry;
  • Metal fabrication;
  • Scrap yards; and
  • Other industrial pursuits.

Our Goals When You Work with Us for Scrap Management to Steel Mills

When you work with our team, we have a number of goals in place that are designed to support your business’ best interests. These include:

  • Providing the most competitive pricing for your ferrous and nonferrous materials;
  • Customizing your scrap management program to align with your needs and scrap production;
  • Providing high quality services for all the work that we perform, ranging from scrap inspection to transportation to cutting and shearing and more; and
  • Offering transparency and consistent and clear reporting of our process and any contracts, shipments, payments, and the like.

Our Process – Offering You Peace of Mind

When we take over the management of your business’ scrap, we have a comprehensive process in place that ensures effective direction of the scrap, as well as successful transportation and recycling of your steel in our Texas-based mini mill. The process includes:

  • Weighing all scrap using certified scales;
  • Inspecting scrap for any hazardous or radioactive materials, including radiation;
  • Crushing and breaking scrap to prepare for transport;
  • Transporting scrap from your scrap collection area to our mini mill – we use our own fleet of vehicles to streamline the process;
  • Scrap processing, which includes lancing, balling, shredding, searing, and other scrap processing techniques;
  • Melt services, including ladle maintenance and cleaning services; and
  • Slag processing, including under furnace digging, slag pot carrying, metal recovery, and drop balling.

Our process is not only designed to maximize efficiency, but to prioritize safety and ensure operation within the confines of sound environmental practices.

Contact Us Today for Your Onsite Scrap Management in Texas

If you have scrap on site and steel that needs to be recycled, our experienced team at Scrap Metal Services, Inc. has you covered. We have more than a decade of experience, and are well-regarded internationally for our scrap recycling services. To learn more or to meet with us to discuss your onsite scrap management needs, please contact us directly at 281-383-5270, or send us an email using the contact form found on our website and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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