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Railcar Decommissioning and Dismantling in Indiana

Railcar Decommissioning and Dismantling in Indiana

The glory days of the railroad as it once was known are long over. And while today railcars are still used to transport a myriad of materials, factors like the downturn in coal production (amongst other things) have hit the railroad industry hard. As such, the rail industry is in decline, and many rail and railcar owners have questions about what to do with the large pieces of equipment that they have leftover.

Scrap Metal Services, LLC, is an industry leader in railcar decommissioning and dismantling throughout the state of Indiana, and has multiple railcar decommissioning and scrap processing sites nationwide as well. To responsibly recycle your unused and decommissioned railcars, and make top dollar in the process, contact Scrap Metal Services, LLC today for more information.

Our Railcar Decommissioning and Dismantling Process – We Do It All

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, one thing that sets us apart from other scrap processors in Indiana is the fact that we handle 100 percent of the railcar dismantling and processing operation, including logistics and transportation. Indeed, you will never have to worry about dismantling the railcar or figuring out transportation to our Indiana scrap processing facility.

When you call our team, we will travel to your location to provide onsite railcar decommissioning and dismantling services. We will weigh your railcar, inspect it for any hazardous materials, and then offer you top-dollar for it. From there, the process will transfer 100 percent to our hands, and we will dismantle the rail, prepare it for transport, move it to our scrap processing facility. Once it reaches our facility, scrap processing begins, which includes crushing, lancing, baling, shredding, sheering, melting, and slag processing. We have multiple railcar decommissioning sites set up to minimize transportation and expedite the process.

We Focus on Environmental Protection and Worker Safety

You can feel good about your choice to work with Scrap Metal Services, LLC, and not only because we treat our customers fairly and with respect. In addition to our commitment to forming long-term, strong relationships with our clients that are based on trust, we also put strong emphasis on environmental responsibility and worker safety. We maintain comprehensive accident investigation and reporting procedures, always train employees well and provide necessary safety equipment and protocols, and of course adhere to all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines.

Our goal is to minimize the negative impact on the environment as we process scrap. We inspect all scrap to check for materials that can be hazardous for human and earth health, maintain our own fleet of vehicles to minimize transportation, and dispose of waste in a manner that is responsible.

Contact Scrap Metal Services, LLC to Learn More About Railcar Recycling Today

As fewer railcars than ever before are used, those in the rail industry need responsible solutions for decommissioning, dismantling, and recycling unused railcars. At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we provide the services that our partners need. To learn more about railcar decommissioning and dismantling in Indiana, contact our team today online by email, in person, or by phone at 708-730-1400.

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