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Railcar Decommissioning and Dismantling

Railcar Decommissioning and Dismantling

Fewer railcars are used in the United States than ever before. Indeed, nearly every year, total U.S. freight rail traffic falls. The decline means that there are a number of rails and railcars that require decommissioning and dismantling, as well as a lot of remaining scrap that needs to be recycled and waste that must be disposed of. At Scrap Metal Solutions, LLC, we provide nationwide railcar decommissioning and dismantling services, as well as processing of ferrous and nonferrous materials, and are a top leader in the industry. For services that you can count on, contact our company today.

We Provide Comprehensive Railcar Dismantling Management Services

When you contact Scrap Metal Services, LLC for railcar decommissioning, we will handle the entire process of decommissioning and dismantling, transferring, and processing the railcar and its scrap. Our process begins with an assessment of the railcar, where we will offer you top dollar for its scrap. From there, we’ll take over and you will no longer have to worry about any other elements. We travel to your location, and provide onsite services that allow for transparency and peace of mind. We also have our own fleet of vehicles and rail that can be used to transfer railcars to scrap processing facilities. Using our own fleet helps to streamline the process and reduce third-party costs.

Why Work with Scrap Metal Services, LLC?

Our process is not only comprehensive, but well-managed too. To be sure, our railcar decommissioning and dismantling services are:

  • Safe;
  • Environmentally conscious;
  • Efficient; and
  • Focused on recycling.

Throughout the entire process of decommissioning or dismantling a railcar, we focus on worker safety, and always adhere to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines. We also handle all environmental issues that are common with railcars, such as the presence of asbestos, lead, mold, and naturally occurring radioactive materials. We also turn our efforts to soil remediation and tank cleaning.

We Can Serve You Wherever You Are

Our services are nationwide, and regardless of where you are located, we can help. To help cut transportation costs, we maintain a number of railcar decommissioning around the country, as well as the resources and manpower necessary to deconstruct railcars when necessary. You can view the full list of our scrap processing center locations online.  

Working with Scrap Metal Services, LLC is a Smart Choice

Unfortunately, the rail industry is likely at the end of its days, and more railcars will need to be decommissioned and dismantled as time goes on. In order to maximize profits available to you and minimize costs and stress, work with Scrap Metal Services, LLC. We are an industry leader in railcar decommissioning, have more than a decade of experience behind us, and are highly trusted by our partners.

To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment to discuss your railcar decommissioning needs, call us today at 708-730-1400. You can also contact us after hours by using the online form found on our website.

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