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Scrap Metal Pick Up

Scrap Metal Pick Up Eases Process

Larger items in need of recycling, such as railcars, trucks or vehicles that are no longer working, can be a burden to their owners. At Scrap Metal Services, we offer scrap metal pick up services. We have the logistical know-how and processes in place to assist with scrap metal pick up.

Scrap Metal Pick Up For Auto Shredding

When it’s time to deconstruct old and outdated vehicles or large equipment, we know you may not have the means or resources to tackle this task at your business. At Scrap Metal Services, auto and metal shredding splits ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials in addition to other recyclable and non-recyclable items.

We can come to you for your scrap metal pick up needs! We have the ability to tow broken-down or no-longer-needed vehicles to us to get the job done. We can also offer to ship via containers through trucks, by rail or by barge.

Railcar Dismantling More And More Common

The industry is seeing a need for the movement and breaking down of railcars with the assistance of scrap metal pick up. Our methods are focused on recycling and all of our services are centered around safety and being environmentally conscious. We have the team and resources to work on deconstructing your no-longer-in-use railcars.

Safety Top Priority For Scrap Metal Pick Up

An evaluation is the first step in the procedure toward scrap metal pick up. We will evaluate the preferred avenue to move the scrap from your business or property to one of our facilities. This may begin with actually bringing our services to your place with our remote deconstruction site. Or we may need to consider bringing the larger pieces to us directly by utilizing our own fleet that is made up of trucks, towing vehicles as well as water vessels.

Customer Service Key For Scrap Metal Pick Up

We are very aware of our customers’ needs and how we can help! Our scrap metal pick up services are just part of our commitment to a top-notch customer experience. One example is our container services are offered for up to 30 days and the option of a long-term scrap purchase agreement. Seeing eyes-sores around your property is not necessary when we make it as easy as possible to clean up your property or small business space with our scrap metal pick up and the additional services that we offer.

Picking Up Your Scrap Metal

We take on the sometimes-cumbersome job of scrap metal pick up. While our corporate office is in Burnham, Ill., we have offices and scrap processing locations across the United States. Contact our main offices at (708) 730-1400 or connect with us online and we detail how we pick up scrap metal and how our business can help you and your business.

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