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Ship Recycling Brownsville

Ship Recycling Brownsville

Ship recycling is no easy task. These large vessels require a dedicated and skilled team that knows how to dismantle them safely. Scrap Metal Services has served many organizations in the past with our ship recycling in Brownsville. Our experience and knowledge come together as we quickly but carefully take apart old ships and oil rigs. No matter what job you need us to do, we’ll handle it confidently. 

A Team You Can Trust

Scrap Metal Services feels strongly about worker safety. We understand that ship dismantling can be a dangerous project for our workers, which is why we always closely evaluate the working conditions for any potential safety violations. Also, we only work under federally mandated safety guidelines to ensure that workers are as safe as possible. 

As a company that’s been in the scrap metal industry for nearly 15 years, we’ve experienced first-hand the complexities that come with dismantling ships. Our company has grown in size as we’ve secured more locations both nationally and in other countries. Yet since the beginning, we’ve upheld our original mission to do the job our clients expect of us. If you have any questions about our operations and what to expect from our services, please contact us. 

Ship Recycling That’s Done With Integrity 

There are so many aspects to ship recycling. It’s not as simple as taking apart a ship. The workers involved need to be safe since the job is often tough. What’s more, ship dismantling needs to be done in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. That’s why you will be relieved to hear that Scrap Metal Services Brownsville was given the highest environmental safety rating by the EPA and OSHA. Our dedication to providing safe recycling services has been nationally recognized and appreciated. 

There are times when we are working on a project and the ship may become unstable or unsafe for our workers. In these cases, our team carefully examines the ship before we continue the work. Then, we come up with a new strategy for dismantling the ship so that no one gets hurt. 

Services We Provide

No matter what kind of project we are working on, you will be pleased by how we take the job seriously. Here are the services we provide:

  • Steel mill services. We partner with steel mills to help process excess materials in scrap yards and more. Our team devises a plan so you get reliable, affordable services. From melt shop services to slag processing, we offer what you need.
  • Shredding. We’ll gladly shred your old, unwanted vehicles, appliances and more. Our process involves separating ferrous and nonferrous materials using the best technology available. 
  • Demolition and deconstruction services. We convert vehicles into metals that can be reused using a process that is sensitive to the environment and our workers’ safety. 

Partner With Us Today

Scrap Metal Services has provided services like ship recycling in Brownsville for well over a decade. From recycling ships to dismantling cars, we put full effort into all the work that we do. Rely on our team to safely and efficiently handle your scrap metal needs. Contact us today!

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