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Steel Mill Services Illinois

Steel Mill Services Illinois

The global steel industry continues to be as important as ever. And while the United States may only be responsible for producing five percent of the world’s steel, considering that there is 1.7 billion tons of steel produced annually, five percent is no small number.

Steel is important for a myriad of industries, and is used for building and infrastructure, mechanical equipment, production in the automotive industry, for domestic appliances, by the shipping and rail industries, and more. Indeed, most businesses within the manufacturing industry need steel.

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we are proud to be one of the leaders in the steel production industry, and maintain steel mills throughout the United States. If you live in Illinois, our Illinois mill has the capacity to handle all steel production and processing tasks.

Our Steel Mill Services

We provide a wide range of steel mill services for our clients throughout Illinois. These services include, but are not limited to:

Scrap yard management – Scrap yards may look like piles of junk, but they hold valuable equipment and materials that can be processed. Our scrap yard management services include:

  • Segregation of grades and commodities;
  • Transportation of all scrap to processing areas/furnace;
  • Recipe preparation and blending;
  • Processing of materials;
  • Application of most advanced technologies available; and
  • Inspection of all scrap.

Logistics and transportation – We understand that getting scrap to us for steel production and metal processing isn’t always easy, which is why we handle all of your company’s logistics and transportation needs. This includes:

  • The transportation of all raw materials; and
  • Transportation of finished or semi-finished products.

Melt shop services – Our melt shop has the space and technology to offer a full range of melt shop services, including:

  • Tap hole drilling;
  • Ladle and vessel cleaning; and
  • Refractory services.

Slag processing – Slag refers to the byproduct that is leftover after the desired materials has been separated and extracted, and its proper disposal is key for human and environmental health preservation. Our slag processing services include:

  • Slag pot carrying;
  • Under-furnace digging;
  • Drop balling; and
  • Metal recovery.

The primary focus of any steel mill is steel production; we have the infrastructure and processes in place to maximize production and efficiency.

Why Choose Scrap Metal Services, LLC for Your Steel Processing Needs

Finding the right steel processor is important; when you choose a trusted steel mill manager, you can take comfort in the fact that the best practices are being used, worker safety and health is being prioritized, all regulations and rules–including those pertaining to the environment–are being adhered to, and that your needs as a partner are being prioritized.

Starting as just a small business, Scrap Metal Services, LLC has grown to a global leader in steel production and scrap processing as a result of its commitment to all of the above. Today, we focus on greater operating efficiency and lower operating costs, improvements in quality and process, and prioritizing sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and safe practices.

To learn more about our Illinois steel mill and why we make a great partner, contact us today at our Illinois location. We are reachable by phone at 708-730-1400, or by sending us a message using the intake form on our website.

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