Environmental and Economical Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

November 27, 2018  

Recycling scrap metal rather than taking it to the landfill is the just smart thing to do, period. In fact, not only can recycling be great for the earth–after all, recycling limits the amount of natural resources that have to be extracted and utilized–but it also has numerous economic benefits, too. Consider some of these environmental and economic benefits of scrap metal recycling–

Recycling Saves Natural Resources

One of the most pressing reasons why our team at Scrap Metal Services, LLC is passionate about recycling is that recycling saves natural resources. There is only a limited amount of metal ore found on the planet, and once we’ve extracted it, it’s gone. What’s more, extraction practices are harmful, energy-intensive, costly, and destroy habitat and pollute the air and water. Soil, plants, animals, water, and air are all tainted when we mine for metal ore – recycling is a better option.

Recycling Keeps Harmful Toxins Out of Landfills

Many metal-containing items that are recycled contain dangerous toxins, such as lead and mercury. When these materials are processed in the property facility type, these toxins can be separated and properly disposed of. Unfortunately, these materials–and the toxins they contain–often make their way into landfills, where the toxins then contaminate our soil and water. This can have a major disruptive effect on wildlife and the earth, as well as human health.

Recycling Generates Export Sales

Recycling scrap metal is good for the economy and generates billions of dollars in export sales every year. This means that through recycling of metal, America remains more competitive on the global scale.

Recycling Employs People

The recycling industry, including the scrap metal recycling industry, is one of the top employers in the country, providing jobs for tens of thousands of workers on an annual basis. In fact, according to Ecocycle.org, recycling and reuse creates at least nine times more jobs than does sending materials to landfills and incinerators, and up to as many as 30 times more jobs!

Do the Smart Thing for the Earth, the Country, and Your Business

By recycling your scrap metal, you can be an active participant in helping the environment, supporting American jobs, and even improving your own business’ economic situation – at Scrap Metal Services, Inc., we pay top dollar for your scrap!

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