FAQs About Cash for Cars

April 23, 2019  

Being able to sell your old motor vehicle to our scrap metal company for cash may sound too good to be true. But at Scrap Metal Services, LLC (SMS), we are passionate about scrap recycling, and we’re more than happy to take an old vehicle off of your hands. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we get about vehicle recycling – please reach out to us directly for more information that is specific to you.

What Types of Cars Does SMS Buy for Scrap?

We buy ALL motor vehicles! In fact, we’ll buy more than just your old cars and trucks – we’re happy to purchase farm equipment, recreational equipment, and old machinery, too. In fact, any source of scrap metal makes us happy. We take cars that are totaled, wrecked, crushed, and more.

How Do You Pay?

Wondering about how you’ll be paid when you sell your car to us? We pay in cash. What’s more, we offer top dollar for automobiles, and always base our cash offers on current scrap metal prices in the country and global markets.

Does SMS Provide Transportation Services?

You may want to sell your old car to us, but have concerns about how transporting your vehicle to our location will work. Fortunately, we can handle off of the logistics, including traveling to your location and towing the old vehicle from there. If you have other scrap on your property, we’re happy to provide you with an on-site container that you can fill, and that we will transport and dump.

What Happens After You Pick Up My Car?

Our scrap metal recycling process is comprehensive, and designed to fully salvage all ferrous and nonferrous materials. When we pick up your car, we’ll weigh it, separate out the different types of scrap metal, and handle 100 percent of the scrap processing process.

Why Work with SMS?

There are various scrap metal companies throughout the country – what sets Scrap Metal Services apart from the other guys?

First, we’ve been at this for a long time, and therefore have the experience and expertise that matters. What’s more, we’re a recognized global leader in the scrap recycling industry. Further, we prioritize sustainability, environmental responsibility, and worker safety. And as stated above, we pay top dollar–in cash–for your old vehicles.

Learn More About Selling Your Car to Us Today

If you have an old vehicle on your property and you’re ready to get it off your hands, please call us directly to learn how we can be of service. We maintain scrap recycling centers and services nationally and offer mobile-car crushing services in various cities in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, and Alabama. Please get in contact with us today online or at 708-730-1400 to learn more about how we can be of service.