Why Farmers Should Recycle Scrap Metal

October 16, 2018  

If You’re a Farmer with Scrap on Your Property, Recycling this Metal Is Responsible and Profitable

As the harvest season comes to a close for farmers throughout the United States, there is a satisfaction in reaping what was sown. And as you drive your last loads of produce and agricultural wares to the market for sale, keep in mind that you have another source of profit on your farm: scrap. To be sure, scrap metal from old farm equipment can be profitable, and recycling your scrap metal can yield cash that allows you to reinvest in your farm.

Sources of Scrap on the Farm

Your farm likely has myriad sources of scrap just waiting to be harvested! Some of the top sources of scrap on your farm include:

  • Old farm tools;
  • Tractors;
  • Combines;
  • Plows;
  • Extra repair metal;
  • Old storage sheds (metal containers) in need of replacement; and
  • Old vehicles.

Take a walk around your farm – if you see sources of metal that are no longer in use and are just sitting around collecting rust, call our team. We can help you meet your sustainable agricultural scrap recycling goals.

Top Reasons to Recycle Your Farm’s Scrap Metal

If you’re a farmer, you know the value of hard work, and chances are, you also know the value of a dollar. Which is why recycling any farm scrap you have can be a smart choice. Recycling your farm’s scrap metal can yield:

  • More space for ongoing projects;
  • A safer workplace for farmers;
  • Pride and comfort in the knowledge that you’re doing your part to help the earth through responsible recycling of metals, which cuts down on the need for new metal mining; and
  • More money in your pocket that you can reinvest in your farm – at Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we pay top dollar for your agricultural scrap metal.

In fact, there’s no reason not to recycle your farm’s scrap metal. And don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just worthless junk! We process metal and extract all valuable materials, and manage ferrous and nonferrous metal processing.

We Handle All of Your Agricultural Scrap Recycling Needs

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, our team is competently able to handle all of your agricultural scrap recycling needs. We provide comprehensive services, including on-site dismantling and deconstruction. We can also provide containers for loading and shipping, and handle 100 percent of the logistics and transportation needs associated with this operation.

To learn more about scrap recycling of farm equipment and why you should work with Scrap Metal Services, LLC, call us today at 708-730-1400 or send us a message telling us more about your recycling needs as a farmer. We look forward to partnering with you!