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Scrap Brokerage / Fe Trading

Fe Trading Group, LLC, a subsidiary Scrap Metal Services, LLC (SMS), is one of the fastest growing ferrous scrap trading and brokerage companies in North America. Fe Xchange provides complete brokerage, trading and logistic services for scrap processors, steel mills, foundries, demolition companies and metal-working industry throughout North America.

Fe Xchange’s experienced traders have long-standing relationships with many mills, foundries and scrap dealers throughout North America with whom its traders regularly communicate to obtain the most current market information. This reliable and timely market information allows Fe Xchange and its brokerage customers to make informed decisions when selling their scrap.

If requested, Fe Xchange can make all of the logistical arrangements for trades it handles on behalf of its clients

Some of the physical commodities traded:

  • Ferrous scrap
  • Alternative Iron Products – Pig Iron, DRI and HBI
  • Mill by-products, such as mill scale, blast furnace iron

Please call us today for more information: (312) 330-5660 or email nschuld@fe-xchnage.com

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