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  • Jeff Gatler from a Blue Island scrap metal dealer
    Jeff Gertler
    Chief Executive Officer
    Founding SMS in 2005 with his brother, and currently acting as the company’s CEO, Jeff Gertler is an experienced business owner, and a skilled leader. As one of the key players behind SMS’s recognition as an AMM Scrap Company of the Year on multiple occasions, Gertler continues to push for SMS’s growth and success.
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  • Rick Getler of a recycling center
    Rick Gertler
    Chief Operating Officer
    COO and founder of Scrap Metal Services LLC, Rick Gertler, has spent his whole life in the scrap metal industry, beginning when he was a kid working in his dad’s scrap yards. Today, he has helped SMS attain recognition on a global scale, and is responsible for the fact that the company is considered a worldwide leader in the industry.
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  • Lynn Gosser from a scrap metal dealer Chicago
    Jolynn Gosser
    Chief Financial Officer
    Licensed as a CPA in the state of Indiana and with nearly a decade of experience directly with the scrap metal industry, CFO Jolynn Gosser is an expert when it comes to financial risk assessment and managing a company’s budget.
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  • Kevin Crary of scrap metal dealer Blue Island
    Kevin Crary
    Executive Vice President
    Previously serving Scrap Metal Services LLC as president of mill services, Kevin Crary’s excellent work earned him the position of president of the overall company. Today, he oversees all operations, ranging from marketing to mill services to commercial divisions. He has more than 32 years in the industry.
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  • Kerry Davidson from a recycling center Chicago
    Kerry Davidson
    Executive VP, Human Resources / General Counsel
    With nearly two decades of experience in labor and employment law and human relations, Kerry Davidson brings both experience and passion to Scrap Metal Services LLC. Not only has she been called a rising star by one of the most well-respected lawyer-rating services in the country, but she is also passionate about guiding SMS into new markets.
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  • Jerry Corcoran of scrap metal company Chicago
    Jerry Corcoran
    Vice President of Operations
    With more than a decade of experience in management in the scrap metal industry, Jerry Corcoran continues to help SMS grow and function optimally by overseeing equipment purchases, mill customer satisfaction, and shipment goals. He is a passionate worker who understands that success does not come easily, and who is always willing to fight to obtain a goal.
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  • Jeremy Kichin of a scrap metal dealer Baytown
    Jeremy Kirchin
    Serving as president of the mill services division of Scrap Metal Services LLC, Jeremy Kirchin has more than three decades’ in management experience, and 15+ years in the steel mill services industry. He is passionate about distinguishing SMS from the competition, and has a track record of success.
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  • Nikhil Shah of scrap metal company Chicago
    Nikhil Shah
    President of Business Development for SW U.S. & Mexico
    A savvy businessman who was educated at the George Washington University School of Business, Nikhil Shah is the founder and president of Scrap Metal Services Brownsville, the ship recycling company that was acquired by SMS in 2012. Today, Nikhil Shah continues to manage operations at SMS Brownsville while also serving as a critical asset and resource for SMS.
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