Metal Center News article on Paul’s Auto Yard acquisition.

March 05, 2014  

Scrap Metal Services Acquires Auto Yards

Scrap Metal Services, Chicago, has formed a new division, SMS Paul’s Auto Yard, as a result of acquiring Paul’s Auto Yard and Shafei’s Auto Yard, with operations in northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

SMS Paul’s Auto Yard operates eight self-service auto parts yards with retail sales, where customers can select and remove auto parts needed from a large selection of used cars and trucks. These yards also purchase ferrous and nonferrous scrap for recycling and allow SMS to expand its Midwest region’s geographic reach. SMS Paul’s Auto Yard facilities are in South Bend, Gary, Westville, Lake Station, Elkhart and Demotte, Ind., and Coloma, Mich.

“This is a new retail service business for SMS, which allows our company to further diversify and strategically expand its recycling operations in the Midwest,” says Jeffry Gertler, CEO of SMS.

“We are pleased to be able to join SMS at this time and look forward to continued growth of our auto parts and recycling business as an important new segment for SMS,” adds Paul Shafer, president of Paul’s Auto Yard.

Scrap Metal Services now operates 20 scrap processing, steel mill support services, ship breaking and oil rig dismantlement, intermodal/truck/railcar dismantling facilities and auto parts sales In the United States. SMS also provides full-service scrap management, consulting and purchasing services to industrial scrap generators and demolition contractors on a local and national basis. SMS is a supplier of ferrous and nonferrous scrap commodities to both domestic and International consumers.