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Non-Ferrous Division

Scrap Metal Services, LLC has recently consolidated and expanded its Midwest non-ferrous operations in Blue Island, IL, near Chicago, and, through an asset purchase, has acquired specialized equipment to more efficiently and cost-effectively handle, process, package and market its industrial, obsolete and dealer non-ferrous scrap business.

Our Non-ferrous division now runs one of the most sophisticated metals processing and recycling operations of its kind in the United States, providing quality, furnace-ready material for aluminum smelters, foundries, steel mills and other metal recyclers.

  • Our aluminum and other non-ferrous scrap products are packaged into bales using a high volume, high capacity nonferrous baler to meet the size specifications of our consumers.
  • We now operate a Heavy Media Plant, which we have modified to better process Zorba and other scrap. Our improvements to the Heavy Media Plant and downstream metal separation systems (including Eddy Current and ISS equipment) maximize the separate metallic unit recoveries from Zorba and Zurik… aluminum, stainless steel, and other heavy metals, such as brass, copper, zinc, etc.
    • All Zorba received from each customer is batch processed separately in our Heavy Media Plant to insure accurate metallic recovery reporting for our customers. Each metal unit recovered from the Zorba is weighed and recorded. Recovery reports will be provided to our customers in a timely manner.

Our goal is to provide a safe and friendly environment for both our employees and customers as well as to provide quality products for our consumers. With state-of-the-art equipment and a well-trained and experienced production and management team, SMS is equipped to handle almost any type and volume of non-ferrous scrap at our new facility.

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