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Scrap Metal Services for Businesses

Finding a trusted scrap metal recycler and processor that your business can partner with is important. When you have a go-to in the scrap recycling industry, your business has the option of recycling scrap efficiently and responsibly, without hassle, all while adding revenue to the business’s books. At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we have been providing scrap metal services for businesses throughout the nation for more than a decade, and are happy to sit down with your company to discuss your scrap metal needs today.

Services for Businesses: What We Offer and With Whom We Partner

We work with businesses big and small throughout the country, including:

  • National businesses;
  • Industrial manufacturers;
  • Scrap dealers; and
  • More.

Our services are comprehensive, designed to address all of the logistics associated with every step of responsible scrap recycling while also ensuring you’re paid top dollar. Some of our scrap metal services for businesses include:

  • Buying your scrap metal. If you have unused scrap metal on your property that is doing nothing more than collecting dust and creating a safety hazard, call our team. We buy all ferrous and nonferrous materials for processing.
  • Providing on-site container services. Does your business need an effective way to collect scrap on-site? If so, our on-site container services are exactly what you’re looking for. We provide the container; once it’s full, we handle transportation of the container to one of our scrap processing facilities.
  • Demolition and dismantling services. Whether you have railcars, ships or other vessels, or other equipment on your property that needs to be dismantled before it can be transported to a facility for processing, we can help. We provide on-site dismantling services – these services are always overseen by one of our highly trained professionals.
  • In addition to dismantling services, we also provide structural demolition services and scrap salvaging. If you are the owner of a piece of property that needs to be demolished, please call us directly to learn how we can help.
  • Industrial management services. For owners, operators, and managers of industrial businesses throughout the country, knowing how to deal with unused scrap metal can feel overwhelming. Our industrial management services, paired with our on-site scrap management services (including inspection, scrap weighing, scrap storage, and loading, and scrap processing) can provide peace of mind and profit-saving opportunities.
  • Transportation and logistics. Finally, we handle all transportation and logistics associated with the scrap recycling process and even maintain our own fleet of vehicles to help us get it done. We travel to your location to pick up scrap, offer top dollar in cash, and then transport the scrap to one of our centers for processing.

It’s Time Your Business Had a Partner in the Scrap Metal Industry

Recycling scrap metal is not only the more financially intelligent move for your business but also the environmentally responsible one, too. When you have a team like the one from Scrap Metal Services, LLC on your side, you can take comfort in knowing you’re doing the right thing while we handle the rest. To learn more about our services for business, please call us at 708-730-1400 or send us a message telling us more about your business’s needs.

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