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Industrial Manufacturers

Industrial Manufacturers

If Your Industry is Struggling with an Effective and Appropriate Way to Manage its Scrap, Scrap Metal Services, LLC Can Help You to Develop and Integrate a Strategy

Companies within the industrial manufacturing industry not only produce various products but typically also generate large amounts of scrap metal as a byproduct. This means that many industrial manufacturers are tasked with the development of an efficient means of scrap metal management. At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, our experienced team has been providing comprehensive scrap recycling and scrap management services to our industrial partners for more than a decade. To learn more about working with us and how we can help your industry streamline its scrap management, please contact us directly.

Scrap Metal Management Services for Industrial Manufacturers

Our team provides various scrap metal services for companies within the manufacturing industry, fully recognizing that scrap metal is a huge output of most industrial manufacturing operations. Indeed, one of the most comprehensive services that we provide is that of complete industrial scrap management. Our industrial management services seek to take the hassle out of scrap management for your business, handling 100 percent of the logistics of a successful scrap collection and recycling operation. Our on-site industrial scrap management services include:

  • Scrap weighing using certified scales;
  • Scrap quality inspection – which includes testing for any hazardous and radioactive materials and responsibly managing any hazardous materials detected;
  • Scrap storage and loading – we can provide on-site containers for the collection of scrap metal in an efficient manner;
  • Dismantling and deconstruction – should your industrial business require any dismantling or deconstruction services, we are highly skilled in both; and
  • Scrap processing – scrap processing is a very involved process, which includes baling, shearing, and more, all services which we can perform on-site.

In addition to the above, we maintain our own fleet of vehicles, including trucks, railcars, and even barges, allowing us to handle all of the transportation associated with a scrap management project.

We Are Your Trusted Scrap Metal Partner

In the event that you already have an organized scrap management system in place and do not require on-site services, we can still serve your business by providing roll-off containers, providing transportation and logistics services, responsibly recycling and processing scrap metal, and buying your scrap metal for top dollar. Working with Scrap Metal Services, LLC is an easy way to guarantee that your industrial manufacturing company is making a smart financial decision and is doing its part towards sustainability. Scrap recycling is something that we’re passionate about, and we always process scrap in a way that is aligned with environmental regulations and puts workers’ health and safety first.

Reach Us Today to Learn More About Our Scrap Metal Services for Industrial Manufacturers

Starting as a small business, our scrap metal management and processing company has quickly grown to a global leader in the industry. We partner with industrial manufacturers throughout the nation and can provide scrap metal management services at your location. To learn more about how we can be of service, please call our team at 708-730-1400 or send us a message using the intake form on our website.

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