Selling Your Scrap Metal Is Good for the Environment: Here’s Why

August 15, 2021  

Selling scrap metal may be something that you already do, or something that you’re thinking about doing, for the payday. Indeed, when you sell your scrap metal to Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we’ll pay you cash for your scrap metal, and we always base our prices on fair market rates. 

But getting paid isn’t the only reason to sell your scrap metal; selling your scrap metal is good for the environment, too! Here’s why:

Most Metal Can Be Recycled an Infinite Number of Times

The first cool thing to note about metal is that unlike many other recyclable materials, such as paper or plastic, most metals can be recycled an infinite number of times! This means that once metal is mined and is in production, it can stay in production indefinitely, and can be melted and made into new products time and time again. This means that, very much unlike other products out there, metal is truly a product with an unlimited lifespan, and we can keep using metal without having to mine more of it. How neat is that? 

Recycling Scrap Metal Conserves Landfill Space

Another earth benefit of recycling metal is that recycling metal conserves landfill space. Landfills are quickly filling up in the United States. More than that, we’re running out of room for new landfills! Not only are we nearly out of land, but we don’t necessarily want more landfills, even if there was plenty of space available. This is because landfills emit a large amount of greenhouse gases and are also polluting, creating health hazards for nearby communities. 

Recycling Scrap Metal Reduces Energy and Water Use

When scrap metal is recycled, water and energy are conserved. In fact, recycling could use up to 40 percent less water! This is important all of the time, but especially as many places throughout the world face ongoing drought conditions. Recycling metal also reduces energy usage. For example, recycling aluminum requires about 95 percent less energy than mining for new aluminum. 

Recycling Scrap Metal Could Preserve Habitat

By not engaging in new mining operations, not only is water and energy conserved, but so too is habitat. Mining can be very destructive to the natural world, as well as polluting and dangerous for workers. Recycling scrap metal is all-around the better choice.

Learn More About Scrap Metal Recycling

If you’re ready to recycle your scrap metal, call Scrap Metal Services, LLC. We have years of experience in the industry and make recycling with us easy. Reach us today to learn more.