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Auto & Metal Shredding

Auto & Metal Shredding

Do you have used and wrecked automobiles on your hand? Do you want to get top dollar for cars that you no longer drive? If so, our auto shredding and metal shredding operation is something you should think about. We provide a full range of services, beginning with towing your vehicle, related to auto shredding. Contact our professional team at Scrap Metal Services, LLC for more information.

What is Metal Shredding?

Auto shredding – which can refer to the “shredding” of any type of metal from scrap, appliances, vehicles, equipment, etc. – is a processing technique that separates ferrous (iron containing) materials from non-ferrous (non-iron containing) materials, as well as sort other recyclable and non-recyclable materials. This process allows for autos and other equipment to be deconstructed, and for any valuable materials to be extracted and recycled.

Our Auto & Metal Shredding Services

Whether you are an individual or the owner of a scrap metal or auto yard, or another industrial operation type, at Scrap Metal Services, Inc., we understand that you may not have the economic means, or the logistical capabilities, to maintain a metal shredder on your property. Auto and metal shredders are huge, expensive pieces of equipment that require financial backing and technical experience. We can help your small business manage its size reduction needs by providing auto and metal shredding services. We have some of the best automotive, ferrous, and non-ferrous metal shredding equipment in the industry, relying on state-of-the-art technology to get the job done. We work with:

  • Naval demolition yards;
  • Car manufacturers;
  • Foundries;
  • Car dismantlers;
  • Scrap dealers;
  • Steel mills; and
  • More.

We care about meeting our customers’ needs, and our auto and metal shredding services and processes are designed to exceed expectations.

Fast, Friendly, and Efficient

If you have large amounts of scrap metal on your property that need to go, we provide the logistical support you’re looking for. If you are unable to bring your scrap metal or old automobiles to our location, we can tow them ourselves. We also provide container shipping via truck, barge, and rail when this is necessary, too.

We get your materials weighed and assessed immediately so that processing can begin as soon as possible. If you bring your scrap to us, our crew will unload it for you. We offer cash payments for your scrap, and accept autos and metals of all kinds. We also provide industrial shredding services to larger operations, and can assist with scrap removal, demolition jobs, property clean ups, and more. We have our own fleet of tow trucks and other heavy lifting equipment ready to get the job done.

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Auto and metal shredding is one of the best things that you can do for your businesses, and is an ethical and environmental decision. Recycling of metals is critical.

To assist you in your scrap metal removal needs, or to learn more about our industrial auto and metal shredding services, contact our Burnham facility today by writing us a message using our online contact form. For more immediate assistance, you can call our offices directly at 708-730-1400.

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