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Intermodal & Container Dismantling

Intermodal & Container Dismantling

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we provide intermodal truck and container dismantling for national transportation and logistics providers. In July of 2007, we acquired an intermodal dismantling and decommissioning company that had handled more than 100,000 intermodal dismantling projects over the years. Today, we continue that operation just as effectively, and believe that our experience makes us the best choice for intermodal and container dismantling in the industry.

Our Intermodal Transportation and Dismantling Services

We serve clients across the country, providing the best in intermodal truck and intermodal container dismantling. We process a wide array of items, including:

  • Semi-trailers;
  • Bulk storage containers;
  • Overseas shipping containers;
  • Package trucks; and
  • Chassis.

Our clients are primarily those involved in the national transportation and logistics industry who want to recycle their used intermodal containers. Our intermodal dismantling service allows for the safe, efficient, and cost-effective deconstruction and processing of containers for scrap metal.

How We Help You

Getting a used intermodal container or truck (or other piece of large equipment) off of your hands can be a nightmare. These items weigh hundreds of tons, and shipping them on your own can be expensive and logistically stressful. When you work with Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we handle the entire process for you from start to finish. This includes:

  • Coordinating transportation of intermodal containers;
  • Handling all logistics related to the shipment/transportation of intermodal containers;
  • Exploring various cost-efficient means of shipment, including truck, rail, and barge;
  • Utilizing our own fleet of trucks, water vessels, and towing equipment;
  • Executing all transportation functions;
  • Providing dismantling and scrapping services; and
  • Providing customers with a completed affidavit of destruction certifying that scrapping and destruction of all units has been completed.

Why You Should Recycle Your Intermodal Containers

If you have unused machinery, trucks, or intermodal containers, recycling them is the best choice for your business. Recycling intermodal containers and other metal products is:

  • Environmentally friendly. Not only does recycling scrap metal allow for the scrap to be used again and recycled, reducing the need for excessive mining, but at Scrap Metal Services, LLC, we make sure that dismantling, demolition, and processing are always done in compliance with environmental standards set forth by the EPA.
  • More money in your pocket. Recycling your intermodal containers with Scrap Metal Services, LLC is also a smart financial decision. Not only will we pay for you for your scrap metal, but using our services may also reduce the waste disposal costs that you would otherwise incur.

Why Work with Scrap Metal Services, LLC

We are the best in the industry when it comes to dismantling and deconstructing intermodal containers and other items, including trucks, rails and barges.If you want to work with an industry leader who has experience and a reputation that you can trust, we are your go to. We prioritize environmental responsibility and worker safety, and customer satisfaction is one of our primary goals.

Our intermodal truck and container dismantling facilities are located in Blue Island and Burnham. Remember, though, regardless of where you are located in North America, we have the resources to arrange for transport of your items. To learn more, contact us today at 708-730-1400, or use our online form to request more information and tell us about your business’ needs.

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