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Railcar Decommissioning & Dismantling

Railcar Decommissioning & Dismantling

For the past half decade, the decline in the use of railcars has been consistently increasing. The decline in railcar orders means railcar decommissioning and dismantling services are becoming more prevalent, and the industry has seen demand for companies to transport, dismantle, and utilize ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and railcar decommissioning & dismantling.  We are the leading company with the expertise to handle these requirements.

Providing Your Industry with Mobile Services You Require

We provide your industry with the mobile railcar decommissioning and dismantling services that you require, with the ability to travel to the site of the railcar for on-site demolition and scrap metal baling. We pay you top-dollar for your railcar, and take over the process from there. Our process is safe, environmental conscious, and focuses on recycling. We maintain a direct working relationship with a number of approved environmental remediation companies who handle myriad issues, including:

We not only prioritize environmental protection, but also, worker safety. We maintain a written health & safety policy for all of our railcar decommissioning and dismantling jobs; ensure all workers are property trained; maintain a comprehensive accident report and investigation process; and provide a job safety analysis, and a drug and alcohol consortium.

A Multitude of Railcar Decommissioning Sites

We maintain railcar decommissioning sites at Class 1 railroads in a variety of locations to minimize cost, specifically in relations to transportation costs. We also have the manpower and resources necessary to deconstruct railcars at a number of offsite locations. Our railcar dismantling and decommissioning services are available nationwide.

Work With us Today

We have a proven track record of success and safety, and customer service commitment you are looking for in a scrap metal and railcar decommissioning company. We work with a number of experts in the industry,  who are committed to ensuring a job well done. We work with private companies, large industries, and even the United States government on decommissioning and deconstruction projects, and are trusted by our partners.

Contact us today at 708-730-1400. To get in contact with us after hours or prefer email,  please use the online form to tell us more about your industry and requested services.

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