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Jeff Gertler


Jeff Gertler


Co-founded by Jeffry Gertler and his brother, Rick, in 2005, Scrap Metal Services LLC (SMS) is a leader in scrap processing, recycling and repurposing on a global scale today. Mr. J. Gertler has served as the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company since its founding date, often focusing his work on sales and marketing – two things that he is both good at and passionate about.

The idea to start scrap metal services began with Gertler’s father, Herbert, who founded a salvage business in 1970. During those early years of the business, a young Jeff Gertler worked in the scrap yard during the summer, and then took a full-time position at the company after graduating from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration. He is also a graduate of the executive business program from the Mendoza Business School at Notre Dame. In 1999, H. Gertler sold his small salvage business to a larger corporation., and J. Gertler transitioned his employment to the new company as well. In his new position, Mr. Gertler worked as the Vice President of Marketing from 1999 to 2004, and in 2005, he and his brother decided that it was time to build Scrap Metal Services LLC.

Over the course of his years worth of experience and education, J. Gertler has received numerous trainings, awards, and recognitions, including multiple AMM Scrap Company of the Year Awards, and an AMM Exporter of the Year recognition. He considers his biggest achievement, however, to be the formation of Scrap Metal Services LLC.