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Jeremy Kirchin


Jeremy Kirchin

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Kirchin received a degree from Doncaster University in mining related electrical engineering in 1991. He also holds an NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) certificate. Following school, Mr. Kirchin pursued various positions with one of the largest coal mining companies in the UK, a $6 billion company, ultimately holding the position of plant and equipment manager.

Jeremy has also spent a decade and a half in steel mill services, where he was a part of a large engineering service company’s team. His various management positions with the company were focused on operations, asset and equipment management, and procurement. Following these management opportunities, Kirchin seized the offer to lead one of the company’s biggest expansion projects, working as vice president. The project restructured the company over more than 30 countries and 160 operating locations.

Mr. Kirchin has been the man behind many industry achievements, including the project mentioned above, delivering more than $60 million of profit improvement. He also was responsible for the launch of a global sourcing and procurement organization that yielded run rate savings of over $30 million per year. He has received multiple president and CEO awards, as well as an Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (ISHO) certification. In November of 2016, Jeremy Kirchin joined Scrap Metal Services LLC as its president of the mill services division. In that role, he has committed to shaping the mill services division to be something that differentiates it from the competition, and makes the division the first and best choice for clients.