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Jerry Corcoran


Jerry Corcoran

Vice President of Operations

Jerry Corcoran joined the Scrap Metal Services LLC (SMS) team in December of 2005. His 11.5 years of service in the scrap metal industry have been characterized with passion, hard work, and dedication and commitment to the growth of SMS and its operations worldwide. His impressive background in management made him an easy choice for the company’s director of maintenance and facilities. Today, he oversees all equipment purchases and rentals, mill customer satisfaction, and is responsible for ensuring that all monthly and yearly shipment goals are achieved.

Prior to entering the working world, Mr. Corcoran obtained an associate’s from Purdue University Calumet. While the university’s motto speaks of education and research, Corcoran had adopted his own philosophy and approach to his position with SMS, which he summarizes as: “Pain is good; extreme pain is extremely good!” The approach is a testament to Mr. Corcoran’s belief that nothing in life comes easy, and that if you want something badly enough, you may have to suffer a little to get it. This is a philosophy that he clearly lives by, as demonstrated by the growth and success experienced by SMS in the past 10+ years under the leadership and direction of Corcoran.

When he is not working – which is rare – Jerry Corcoran enjoys spending time with his spouse and their four children. He is eager to be a part of SMS’s continued growth, and hopes to inspire those around him to live their passions and learn the value of dedication and loyalty to a goal.