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Kevin Crary


Kevin Crary

Executive Vice President

In 2016, Kevin Crary, who was serving as the president of mill services for Scrap Metal Services LLC (SMS), was promoted to president of the overall company. The decision was based on Kevin’s consistent display of excellence, diligence, and expertise, and was a decision that at the time, the company CEO, Jeff Gertler, believed that Crary was ready for. Today, Mr. Crary is responsible for the management and oversight of all SMS’ national and international operations, including the marketing group, mill services, and the commercial divisions of the company. The job isn’t small, and Crary is grateful for, and humbled by, his more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

Prior to working with SMS, which he joined in 2012, Crary spent more than three decades working in the Steel Industry. His most recent position prior to his 2012 joining of SMS was as a general manager of purchasing. Before this, he held various positions in industrial engineering, logistics, hot mill operations, and purchasing.

A graduate of Purdue University with a bachelor of science in industrial engineering, Mr. Crary likes to think that he lives by the university’s motto: Education, research, service. He believes that constant self improvement is necessary in life, routinely seeking challenging projects that not only present him with enticing opportunities for self growth, but also opportunities to grow SMS as well.  Mr. Crary is well suited for new challenges that come his way, and is flexible and adaptive in his approach to problem solving.