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Nikhil Shah


Nikhil Shah

President of Business Development for SW U.S. & Mexico

Graduating from the George Washington University School of Business with a degree in international business and finance, Nikhil Shah quickly showed his business savvy in the real world. In 2003, he founded Scrap Metal Services Brownsville (previously All Star Metals LLC), which was called one of the “largest ship recycling and metal scrap processing facilities in the nation,” by the Valley Business Report in 2012.

That same year, the company was acquired by Scrap Metal Services LLC (SMS), making Scrap Metal Services Brownsville the only ship breaker involved with SMS, which processes ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals. Prior to its acquisition, Shah’s dedication to the company earned it many accolades over the years, including its nomination of the 2012 American Metal Market Scrap Company Award, for which the company was named a finalist. Today, Shah continues to lead Scrap Metal Services Brownsville  as its president, although he is thrilled about the fact that the company is able to market more tons due to scrap availability, and that the two companies now support each other in their operations and goals, ranging from equipment needs to program operations to scrap sourcing.

The merger with SMS was a smart one for Shah, who was excited about expanding the company without risking too much. The passion that he has for the industry continues to grow, and he hopes that the companies – in which he is referring to SMS Brownsville  and SMS, both of which he is personally invested in – will experience continued and stable expansion in the years to come.