What’s the Difference Between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials?

April 10, 2018  

Businesses in the manufacturing industry, as well as some other industry types, are left with a variety of scrap metals at the end of the day. Businesses with scrap metals are tasked with the challenge of finding a responsible scrap metal recycler that will handle both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The following takes a look into the difference between the two materials types:

Ferrous Materials – What Are Those?

Ferrous metals are those metals that contain iron. Some of the most common ferrous metals include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Carbon steel;
  • Cast iron;
  • Alloy steel; and
  • Wrought iron.

Ferrous materials are extremely useful in a number of industries. For example, because most ferrous materials are magnetic they are also key in the appliances and electronics manufacturing industry.

Non-Ferrous Materials: Metals that Lack Iron

If ferrous materials are those metals that contain iron, non-ferrous materials are those that do not. While ferrous materials are certainly valuable in certain industry types, it is actually non-ferrous materials that are typically more expensive and sought after, based on their many desirable properties such as resistance to corrosion (ferrous materials tend to rust), light weight (ferrous materials are heavier), and higher conductivity. A list of important non-ferrous materials include:

  • Copper;
  • Tin;
  • Aluminum;
  • Nickel;
  • Brass;
  • Zinc; and
  • Titanium.

The majority of non-ferrous materials are used in the manufacturing of things like electrical wire, pipes, kitchen equipment, ornaments, water taps, and more. Precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum are also non-ferrous.

Handling and Processing of Your Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials

At Scrap Metal Services, LLC (SMS), we provide handling and processing services of your business’ ferrous and non-ferrous materials, offering you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Our non-ferrous metals process services include:

  • Baling;
  • Separating metals;
  • Breaking aluminum; and
  • Processing zorba and other scrap.

All processing, whether of ferrous or non-ferrous materials, is done in a manner that is compliant with regulations and prioritizes best practices for protecting the environment and worker and human health.

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